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25.07.2018 „Life is motion… just D.O. It.“

Sie ist eine maßgebende Historikerin der Osteopathie, Autorin, Dozentin und war früher die führende Osteopathin der kanadischen Rugby-Nationalmannschaft der Männer: Jane Stark D.O.M.P. Der VOD freut sich, die Kanadierin zum 21. Internationalen Osteopathie-Kongress vom 05. bis 07. Oktober 2018 in Bad Nauheim begrüßen zu dürfen. In einem Interview verrät Jane Stark D.O.M.P. mehr über ihren Vortrag und Workshop.

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„Life is motion… just D.O. It.“

VOD: We look forward to seeing you at our 21rst International Congress of Osteopathy „JUSTLITTLEJOHN“ in Bad Nauheim! What will be the content of your lecture “An enigmatic Genius“?

Jane Eliza Stark DOMP: The audience will be guided through a colourful and credible account of the life story of John Martin Littlejohn, DO, one of Osteopathy’s most influential yet virtually unknown contributors. Full of contradictions and socially awkward, JML‘s final years ended with three crushing blows; two to his spirit and one to his physical body—cancer. The audience is left with the question, did JML leave a yet to be tapped legacy?

VOD: What do you think about the relevance of Dr. John Martin Littlejohn for the osteopathy?

Jane Eliza Stark DOMP: John Martin Littlejohn held up the aging A.T. Still’s admonation to KEEP IT PURE!

VOD: Your workshop „Understanding and Treating acute discogentic injuries“ is offered on two days. What can the participants expect?

Jane Eliza Stark DOMP: Amongst the common sense approaches to discogenic injuries, including the role of posture, the audience will learn a self-help exercise to give to their patients. The exercise for the L5/S1 disc is theorized to be effective by decreasing the pressure within the annulus fibrous and thus allowing extruded discal material (again theorized) to be drawn back towards the annulus.

VOD: Why should osteopaths take part in the congress and why is Dr. John Martin Littlejohn’s work still important for their own work?

Jane Eliza Stark DOMP: “Life is motion”. Through assembling at the VOD’s 21st International Congress of Osteopathy you can both move, and be moved on multiple levels. All programs offer something and no one can really predict in advance how your attendance at a congress will affect you or how you practice, but please consider how being amongst like-minded individuals offers the possibility of touching/moving your spirit in ways that skipping the congress cannot duplicate. Just D.O. It.

VOD: Thank you very much for the interview. See you in Bad Nauheim!

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